Getting to know Jack Terry

Jack Terry

Growing up in Plainville, CT, I always knew I was destined for a more tropical setting, but before finding my way to my current home in Key West, FL, I hit the big city by first attending college in New York, and then with aspirations of becoming an actor, spent time in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Living day to day in the grind of an urban jungle just wasn’t for me so I went in search of a slower, more relaxed way of life. The legend and allure of Key West was all the motivation I needed to plan a one-way trip to the southernmost point of the United States.

Today, I practice the fine art of living well, mastering mixology and spend my days getting to know the locals and tourists from all over the world. Despite my love of acting, I always felt happiest behind the bar, sharing memories of a lifetime with people. I truly love the mixology aspect of bartending the best. For me, it’s not just creating new drinks but being able to tailor a cocktail for an individual and to give them an experience to remember! I’ve always had an interest in the history and mystery of Rum and fortunately, living in Florida provided me access to a wide selection. Tasting, studying, and discussing with other rum fanatics, I soon discovered that I knew more about rum than most other subjects!

When a good friend sent me the link to the Tommy Bahama Search for The First Rumologist™, I entered on a whim, but quickly found myself amongst the top 20 then top 10 then top 5. It wasn’t until I actually received the call that my longshot whim became a reality. The rest they say is history — today I claim the title of being the very first and only Tommy Bahama Rumologist, and since I’ve been living the Tommy Bahama lifestyle for most of my adult life, it almost feels like validation!