Where in the world is…

I’ve been on a quest for quite some time now. Not to brag, but I’ve been pretty successful at it. On its face, it is a fairly easy quest: I want to try rum from every part of the world. Once upon a time that meant hopping a plane, or a boat, to travel around the globe. Certainly not a bad way to live, but it tends to be hard on the wallet. The other option would be to find someone who was hopping a boat (or plane) and have them pick you up so rum, but that would involve a lot of trust and patience.

Nowadays it’s a whole different ball game. If one of the two amazingly stocked rum bars here on Key West doesn’t have it, I can easily order rum online from around the world and arrange for it to be delivered. Not as exciting

as trotting the globe, but imminently more practical and much easier to accomplish. Thanks to modern technology, I’ve been able to sample rum from almost all of the Caribbean islands, several South and Central American countries, and even Indonesia.

In spite of this success, there was still one Holy Grail of rum that I was sure I’d never try. Oh, me of little faith….

In 1878 the Havana Club distillery was built in Cuba and very soon thereafter started turning out some spectacular rum. It’s an embargoed product, but luckily I have a friend, who has a friend, who may have had a friend of their own, and just last week I obtained a few precious ounces of Havana Club Reserva Anejo. Let me tell you something. The Cubans may have some political struggles, but they sure do make one heck of a rum! This is easily one of the most perfectly balanced rums I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. Very smooth, a little heat, somewhat sweet, rich in color but with a light enough body that I could imagine sipping on it for a very long time.

One important note. There is a rum available in the states called “Havana Club” that is produced by Bacardi and while a great product, It is not the same thing…not even close.

So find yourself a Canadian friend, get your hands on a bottle, and Make Life One Long Weekend ™ . Follow me on twitter @popcornjack, and meet me here next week for more rumology.

Bottoms up!


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